Canada Green & Garden Seed Inc.

The HOME-GROWN lawn & lawn care specialists!

Since 1957, the Canadian owned and operated company Garden Seed has been at the
forefront of lawn and lawn care science offering a complete range of lawn products, including
multi-purpose and specialized grass seed mixes, fertilizers, all-in-one seed & fertilizer mixes,
lawn repair mix, wildflower mix, and ecologically friendly, low maintenance grass seed mixes.

We research top quality seed varieties from around the globe which are rigorously tested
on-site in Dorval Quebec in order to provide products that are especially adapted to the
Canadian environment and climate.

Canada Green & Garden Seed are able to supply seeds adapted to:




Garden Seed & Canada Green Grass Seed and Lawn products are:

  • All Natural,
  • 100% Organic
  • contain NO Noxious weeds, peanut shells or other fillers - guaranteed.

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